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Vinyl Backed Velour: 58″ x 24 ft (1.5m x 7.3m)

Blue $51.40
Black $51.40
Red $51.40
Black Paper Backed Velour: 52″ x 24 ft (1.3m x 7.3m) $51.40


Vinyl backgrounds are made of a top-quality 13 mil substrate and are ideal for high key photography due to the smooth, matte finish.

Material is adhered to a sturdy 2.5″ ID core and is packed in a shipping tube to prevent damage in transit. For a durable, easy-to-clean background, this product is the answer.
* Free in-store pick-up (St. Paul, MN 55128)

Matte White 9 ft. (107") x 20 ft. $208.00
Matte Black 9 ft. (107") x 20 ft. $208.00
Chromakey Green 9 ft. (107") x 20 ft. $208.00

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